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Sometimes you need the Dojo, sometimes the Dojo needs you!

Group activity and exercise in any form, martial arts, yoga, dancing is of great benefit to a person’s mental health (as well as physical health). Its only when you have a few weeks away from your chosen activity that you realise you are missing the benefits it has to offer.

Actions that heal and repair: -

Chat – telling people your problems so you can see everyone has similar problems, you are not alone.

Synchronizing – keeping in sync with others, subconsciously makes us feel part of the universe.

Networking – Making friends and sharing knowledge, support, and help.

Endorphin release – Feel good hormones are released in higher qualities when challenges and goals are achieved because of the support from a group activity.

Additional benefits of Yoga and Martial Arts etc

Breathing – Learning about being in the moment, following your breath and learning how to control your breathing and heart rate

Meditation - Increase self-awareness, learning to be in the moment, reduce negative emotions, increase patience, tolerance, imagination and creativity.

Benefits of group lead activities

Qualified support from a professional – Safety advice, new ideas, expert tuition

Adds variety – class plans, activity rotation, bouncing ideas of others

Support – help from your peers as well as help from the group leader(s)

Fun – Some peoples moods are lifted by the positivity of other people in the group

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