Traditional Martial Arts

The internet is a blessing and a curse, the ability to research, share and collaborate is fantastic, never before have we had such resources. Only a few hundred years ago, the knowledge could only be passed from person to person and would involve many a long journey from country to country in order to learn. The curse is all the negativity, mistruths, trolls and anonymity of people who act without honour. Post anything on the internet or social media, especially a video, and expect the worst of society to pick fault with it, all from their couch, hidden behind an anonymous IP address.

I see many a mistruth about “traditional” martial arts. They have been around for hundreds of years, have been the source of many a lesson in martial combat yet since the invention of the internet they seem to have suddenly stopped working. Well, I can tell you from my own experience, after training for many years, that the techniques work and still work even since the internet became a thing. Wrist locks hurt; they break bones. Broken bones hurt. Being punched in the face still hurts. Being kicked in the head still hurts. I don’t understand how people can throw science away and believe what is on the internet. The irony of this post being on the internet doesn’t elude me, however my only advice is try it and see for yourself. How do I know it works? I got up of my couch, left my IP address behind, left my keyboard warrior station for a few hours and went to the Dojo. I returned safely with new knowledge, a new understanding of “Traditional” martial arts, had some fun and made new friends while I was there. See you in the Dojo. Don’t be that keyboard warrior. Oh, and don’t feed the “Trolls”.

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