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What is taught at the Shinobi-Kai Dojos?

This is accurate to my knowledge as of 4/11/2022, I will update if new information is given to me as a result of this blog post or for any other reason.

What is taught at the Shinobi-Kai?

We teach Ju-jutsu (the fighting arts of the samurai), Tai-jutsu, the fighting schools where the body is used as the weapon, punching, kicking, striking, grappling etc and Ninjutsu (sometimes referred to as ninpo or ninpo tai jutsu in a more modern context).

Why so many names?

We teach a range of martial arts from various schools because each individual art had something lacking or was complimented by something from another martial art. In Bujinkan Ninpo there are traditionally 9 schools (or Ryu Ha) that we draw from and in Genbukan there are upto 26 schools (or Ryu Ha).

What is the style called?

It is often called Togakure Ryu, but some dislike this name as its also the name of one of the schools (or Ryu Ha). Some call it Takamatsu den, form the 33rd Grandmaster (or Soke) and some just call it Ninjutsu or Jujutsu.

Is it Jujutsu or Ninjutsu or both.

We teach both because some of the schools (or Ryu Ha) are Ninjutsu, some are Jujutsu and some have both, and interestingly the mix is pretty evenly spread which makes neither the dominant martial arts.

Do you teach weapon schools?

Yes, our art comes from a time where people were armed and so a whole range of martial weapons are taught in our syllabus.

What are the individual schools (Ryu Ha) that the shinobi-kai draw from?

The main nine Ryu ha are:-

Togakure Ryu

Gyokko Ryu

Koto Ryu

Gikan Ryu

Kukishinden Ryu Happō Bikenjutsu

Shinden Fudo Ryu

Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jutaijutsu

Gyokushin Ryu

Kumogakure Ryu

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